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Things My Mom Taught Me

Eugene Quinn

Things My Mom Taught Me – Always look your best

In today’s market everyone is trying to get an edge for a job or promotion. A sure fire way is look your best from “nose to toes”. My mother taught me about looking my best when i was young and wearing nothing but blue jeans and t-shirts.
Another person who also learned this lesson at an early age is my guest Sarah Hathorn founder and CEO of Illustra Consulting. She is tops in her field having been written up in the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Money Magazine, MSNBC, CNN Money and recently in the Huffington Post.
With her “Predictable Promotion” program she teaches clients how to distinguish themselves in the eyes of upper management, maximize earning potential and accelerate their career.
Her clients include, General Electric, Home Depot, McDonald”s and many more of the Fortune 500. She will show us how we can apply the same things these Fortune 500 companies use for their success to our lives.
Sarah will also be the guest on our “My House That Built Me” segment, telling us how her “home” impacted her growing up even though she lived in many houses.
In our segment “Moms Food for Thought” one of the questions we talk about is “why are hotdogs packaged in 10 while hot dog buns are packaged in 8″.