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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – IT’S NOT COMPLICATED!

This Mess CAN Be Solved–Simply–On All Critical Levels. We have Talked Of The Problems, “Their Plan”, The Ideology And Politics Which Bog Down All Attempts At Resolution of The Six Critical Dangers Facing America–NOW LET’S TALK SOLUTIONS! And A Thought Or Two On The Reality VS Idealism Of Reid’s Scoop Interview Last Week With An Organizer And Press Spokesman Of New York Occupy Wall St.

Insure Our Security,Stimulate Growth, Increase Revenues, Cut Spending, Eliminate the Debt, Stop Special Interest Influence From Left or Right, and Invest in Our Kids–the Future. And get it all done in a way that insures the folks who work for us–called the government–are transparent and accountable for their acts/lack of acts.

How do we accomplish this restoration of America, her people, her spirit, and her promise? “They” want us to think it is complicated. HOGWASH! It is SIMPLE. First, take steps to insure the security–both military (how do you spell “Iran” and “energy independence”?) and economic (that means China!) of the country and all of us. Second, Get rid of our national debt. Third, Stimulate growth and investment and level the playing field. Fourth, stop the corruption and influence inherent to the current campaign contribution structure. Fifth, invest in our kids–break the costly union stranglehold on education,and give incentive to those who teach. Last–all the above must be fully transparent–no more lies, hiding the ball, moving the target–and all in government must be accountable for what they do, and what they don’t–in real time. Join Reid for a thought provoking discussion on getting America rolling again, and the ridiculously simple steps that could quickly accomplish the objectives of the huge majority of Americans–except the 20% hard left that have a whole different agenda in mind.