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From Military to Mainstream

Jaynine Howard

From Military to Mainstream – Networking is NOT Fraternizing: Design Your Online and Offline Strategy

Retired United States Marine, Sam Unsworth shares “what he wished he had known” that would have made his transition from the military to the mainstream go more smoothly in the Veterans Spotlight. Sam currently volunteers in APUS’s Global Mentoring Network. He helps APUS students and alumni explore various career fields and begin building their professional network. Sam says “Networking is huge!” “It needs to be taught to our military personnel when they first join the military.”

In the Expert Corner, I will help you design your online and offline networking system. Remember, networking is not fraternizing. It is about building and maintaining professional relationships. In the Resource Center, Nathan Wagner, the Vice President for Business Development for ArmedZilla tells you how ArmedZilla can become part of your networking strategy. ArmedZilla is a free social media platform for military veterans and their family members.