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Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Hunt Destination: Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Moncks Corner, the county seat of Berkeley County, South Carolina, is the gateway to unlimited fishing opportunities on lakes Marion and Moultrie and hunting opportunities in the Santee-Cooper Region. Located 30-miles from Charleston with abundant power, water and transportation resources, the county offers industry, individuals and retirees a variety of business, outdoor and cultural opportunities.
An enthusiastic welcome is given by Elaine Morgan of the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce followed by an interview with Kevin Davis from Black’s Camp located at the north end of Lake Moultrie near the end of the Diversion Canal connecting Moultrie with Lake Marion. Davis discusses fishing opportunities for record-sized crappie, shell crackers (red-eared sunfish), catfish, stripers, taking gators that may weigh over 1,000 pounds and hunting opportunities at the nearby Black Brier Hunting Preserve.
Largely unappreciated by Davis, but dear to me, these lakes also hold large populations of gar fish which I cook in a YouTube video “Fish Stir Frys with Gar and Shark” which may be viewed at: Although fierce to look at and somewhat difficult to clean, these fish yield large amounts of white, mild-tasting, boneless meat that may be used in a variety of interesting ways as illustrated in my book “Practical Bowfishing.” This book is least expensively purchased from my website
Although the deer did not cooperated with me or anyone else in three days of hunting, I did kill a small doe when I returned home with a Cabela’s Buffalo stainless steel percussion revolver as part of my “Modern Percussion Revolver” video series. “Parts 1-6″ are already posted and begin with “Modern Percussion Revolvers: Part 1. The Pistols” at: You can also see the gun and get load information from my “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures Radio Show Blog” that may be accessed from my website: where a connecting link will be found at the bottom of the page under “Blogs.”
Besides gar cooking, I also cook a “Perlow” which is a free-form rice-wild game dish containing hot peppers, sausage, and as usually cooked in South Carolina nowadays, chicken. Mine contained duck, sausage, smoked wild hog meat and deer backstraps. Some of this was “mystery meat” (wild game meat of undetermined origin) which I recovered when I defrosted my freezer. As it turned out, I used two tiny red peppers too many; but otherwise the Perlow did quite well.
Ads include those from Carolina Swamp County, to fill all of your swampland needs, and SIN’s Synthetic Berry Division who created a blueberry substitute using algae grown in the copper-rich waters of the Berkeley Pit located in Beautiful Butte America, Montana, to produce azure-blue blueberries with the sugar, salt and butter tastes that you crave.