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The Optimistic Muslim

The Optimistic Muslim – Muslims And Business People Occupy Wall Street Too!

Is Occupy Wall Street  a growing ground-swell of popular discontent; an all-new approach to Wall-Street-watchdoggery; a new, broad, and inclusive force in American politics; or all of the above?  And just who IS Occupy Wall Street?  Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he talks to Muslim small business owner and Occupy Boston spokesperson Nadeem Mazen about the perspectives represented by Occupy Wall Street, the problems it is trying to resolve, the solutions it is considering, and the implications of an apparently Nationally co-ordinated crackdown on America’s much loved and lauded freedoms.  For the sake of our future, should we ALL join Occupy Wall Street?

“This would not have happened if we had had a proper community-based lending operation,” says Nadeem Mazen of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  But how does that feeling of “community” translate to finances?  And how does it effect the Muslim community as a whole?  More importantly, does working together automatically mean having a Socialist agenda?  (“Socialism is such a dirty word down in the states,” notes Dr. Liepert).

Dr. David Liepert asks the most important question in regard to the Occupy movement: “Are you starting to get traction with the people who are actually in control of the financial systems?”  Are they even occupying the right place?  (i.e. Wall Street occupation VS. Washington D.C. occupation).  Nadeem Mazen’s response might surprise you!

In an episode filled with Muslim anecdotes, financial wisdom, and kind-spirited humor, this is a “can’t miss” podcast!

Does “getting ahead” mean others have to be left behind?  Will the Occupy Wall Street movement eventually go away if they keep getting ignored?  Should Occupy Wall Street be “Occupy Obama?”  Nadeem Mazen and host Dr. David Liepert answer these questions, plus address low interest lending, hedge funds, casinos, fair trade, justice, and much more!  Tune in!