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Things My Mom Taught Me

Eugene Quinn

Things My Mom Taught Me – Singing Makes Everything Seem Better part 1

Growing up my father owned a record shop so music was a large part of my life growing up. When I was young my mom would always listen to the radio or stereo and ask me if i wanted to sing with her. I would get all excited and she would pick me up and we would sing the song and she would tell me how everything was better when we sang.
My brother, myself and a couple other people are doing a book on the British Invasion of music in the early 60’s through Woodstock and how it changed allot of industries. So I have my brother on as my guest and he is going to talk about the music industry leading up to the British Invasion and how it lead to a whole new sound.
On our segment ,”My House That Built Me”, I have Barry Hunt as our guest and it is awesome what he has to say. He grew up in England right after World War Two and gives us a perspective of what it was like living in a bombed out Europe after the war.