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Ripley Radio – Side Show Money, Weird Winter Sports & Messages in a Bottle

Inside money is an important part of any carnival or circus sideshow, we hear from sideshow historian James Taylor. “You pay a buck to get in and $50 to get out,” he jokes. He explains the “inside money” concept this week on Ripley Radio and tells a few weird stories along the way.

59-year old Harold Hackett has thrown nearly 5,000 bottles with messages inside into the Atlantic Ocean, off Prince Edward Island, Canada and has had 3,500 responses! His hobby has made him friends around the world. He talks with Ralf this week about his unique hobby! See video of Harold at

Additional Wacky and Unbelievable Topics We Cover This Week:

• Kim Orlando of visits and talks about some very weird winter sports and potential new Olympic events.
• In our Weird Medical Maladies Minute, Jodi Pliszka outlines PICA, the strange illness that causes a person to eat everything from couch cushions to laundry detergent to feces.
• Hail to the Dorito Dude! Family and friends of Dorito inventor Arch West, dumped bags full of the crunchy chips into his grave during a grave-side service. He was 97 years old and his daughter claimed that “he would have loved” the Dorito dump!
• Just when you thought you’ve seen every type of performance art possible! A New York City woman “performed” the birth of her child. People signed up at an art gallery to be a part of the performance and 15 were summoned when she went into labor! Son Ajax came out, stood up, tipped his hat and went “TA-DA!”
• Angela reports this week that sometimes psychics get it right! Really.
• Did you know that getting a fish drunk in Ohio and getting a mouse sloshed in Alaska are both against the law? Return intern Abby tells us all about her research of weird and wacky U.S. liquor laws.