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A Fresh Start

Sallie Felton

A Fresh Start – THE EVERY WOMAN VISIONARY…Changing the World One Spirited Woman Step at a Time

They shake rattle and roll! When Sallie Felton was approached to be part of this group, she didn’t hesitate, she didn’t walk…she ran… Listen to what this visionary leader, Nancy Mills has up her sleeve to empower and inspire all the women in the world! Nancy Mills is a leading women’s visionary. The founder of TheSpiritedWoman.com, a global empowerment community for women, she is also the publisher of the popular Spirited Woman Blogger Team, and the host of the “Spirited Woman Visionaries” conversation series. Mills’ latest creation – set to release on 12/12/11 – is the first ever Spirited Woman 2012 Directory: Resources for an Inspired Life! The FREE online magazine-style directory – filled with “everyday” Spirited Woman visionaries – from over five countries and 25 states in an array of fields and professions – is a collaborative effort of global women coming together and will be distributed through the power of social media, and it will rock the world!