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Philip & Lisa Mulford

Communication360 – The Power of the Spirit with guests Anne Garcia McCullough and Maura Youle

This show is about the power of our spirit to heal. Anne was dealing with the life altering symptoms of MS: optic neuritis, painful spasms, and balance and memory loss to name a few. The doctors told her she had a chronic incurable disease. This vibrant mother was bed ridden for days with no hope. Until she met her neighbor Maura, a yoga instructor, together they worked on helping Anne get in touch with the issues that were robbing her spirit and her energy. Through the power of friendship, faith and commitment, Anne has been healed. Join Lisa and Philip as they talk with Anne and Maura about the life altering journey they took together. For more information about Maura and Anne go to http://www.infusionofhope.comcom or visit