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Divergence in Healthcare

Divergence In Healthcare – Politics in Healthcare

The “Health of the Nation depends on the health of its population”. This I strongly believe that is why I decided to talk to a member of Congress, Congressman Glenn Thompson. Health is every one’s business, and our health affects many people. If we are healthy, then we are able to perform our jobs just as when we are sick, then other people will have to pick up the slack. It is even worse if the government will have to spend money in order to treat our illness. This is one of the reasons I wrote my book, “The Body’s Acupuncture Energetics”. The book has nothing to do with acupuncture needling, but teaching people how the different systems in our body functions, knowing the different energies that control our body, as well as how to protect ourselves from illnesses early on. I also mentioned my different principle that allows people to read their bodies as well as treat their illnesses in its early stage. By knowing how to handle our body during health and illness, then we should help decrease the healthcare expenditure in our country. This is personal responsibility. You can access my book at www. or at


The role of the government in healthcare is obviously tremendous. People expect the government to provide healthcare, but at the same time, they want the government to stay away from controlling them. It is a difficult question to ponder in as much as there are so many varied opinions on this matter. We can only hope that we can get some majority consensus acceptable to most people and that we will honor and respect that consensus. I had the honor of discussing this topic of government in healthcare with Congressman Glenn Thompson, who is the co-chairman of the Congressional Healthcare Caucus. He is a strong advocate for increased access, affordability, quality of care and patient choice in healthcare. I can only hope and pray that this discussion will enlighten the listeners and help shape up the consensus in order to come up with a meaningful healthcare policy in our country.