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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Events Are Spinning Ever Faster–Europe, China, Iran, Russia, The Middle East,The National Debt, The Never Ending paralysis of Politics, The Intentional Spin and Hypocrisy of The President And His Minions, The Beat Of The 2012 Campaign Drums, Crony Capitalism, Government Growth And Spending. It Is Intentional–Meant To Divert Us. But This, More Than Ever, Is The Time To Keep Ourselves Aware Of The Cascade Of News–And Focus On The Implementation of Solutions–The Very First Being The Economic and Sovereign Security Of America.

Aren’t you delighted YOU just bailed out Europe short term for ONE TRILLION DOLLARS? (kiss that taxpayer money goodbye, and hellllooooo more inflation), Or that Spain is about to join Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Greece in collapse? And, just so happens GE and US banks have a 430 BILLION European exposure (gee–think there is a connection?) There are lessons to be learned from the financial shambles that was once the European Union–but will we reverse course from the same intentional policies of the current plate of U.S. “Leaders”–and the same result? We need economic and military security. And the hinge pin of both is energy independence–that lowers energy costs, spurs economic activity, creates hundreds of thousands of new jobs, saves seven trillion we have spent over the last thirty years defending middle eastern oil supplies, deflates Iran, increases government revenues while lowering tax rates, eliminates the deficit and begins to pay down the debt. And, given China’s stategic plan for Iran–including this week’s pronouncement that they would assist Iran militarily if the U. S. attacks Iranian nuclear facilities–weaning ourselves very quickly from mid east oil, and paying down debt is a must. Brand new, little talked of reports and discoveries of energy reserves right here within our borders indicate we have the resources to do so–but the government stands in the way. Do we have the will, or have we lost “the spirit”?