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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Dr. Joy Davidson – The Joy Spot

Sex is another critical aspect of our healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle is critical for a healthy, fulfilling sex life. Sorry to sound unromantic here – but sexual enjoyment is all based on physiological facts – a body that is working at optimum performance. Dr. Joy Davidson is a psychologist and sex therapist with a private practice based in New York City. Dr. Davidson will discuss the psychological & physiological rewards of a healthy sex life, why exercise & good nutrition are key to healthy sex, how sexuality is affected by the type of exercise we choose, women without partners, exercise & men’s performance. We discuss many sensitive issues including body image, solo sex, when one partner wants sex and the other does not & why cheating does not work. We discuss physiological aspects & benefits of a healthy sex life including cardio vascular health – according to the Mayo Clinic a man with Erectile Dysfunction is 50 times more likely to have cardio vascular disease – how exercise promotes nitric oxide production critical to heart health. And Dr. Joy shares with us sex and the pre & post menopausal woman & how sex is critical for estrogen production. ANd the very best part of all…….yes….the best part… & why sex keeps us looking younger!

Our own Dr. Ortiz of the Obesity Control Center discusses complications to a healthy sex life caused by obesity & conceiving a fetus in an obese environment. He also discusses timing recommendations for weight loss surgery before pregnancy.

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