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From Military to Mainstream

Jaynine Howard

From Military to Mainstream – Be In Awe of Your Own Talent: Optimize Yourself

Are you optimizing your talents? Are you optimizing yourself? Your time in the service is a strategic advantage. United States Navy Veteran, Steve Blight is in the Veterans Spotlight this week. In addition to being a pilot in the Naval Reserves, Steve is the Co-Founder of Your Baby Booty. He shares the tough questions he asked himself when he made the transition from the military to the mainstream.
Steve has three very specific questions you must ask yourself prior to making the transition. As always, I add my personal experiences and insight so that you can continue to learn from those of us that have been there. There is no need for you to make mistakes or stay stuck when you can learn from me and my guests. In the resource center this week, I share with you the coaching programs I offer to assist you in your transition from the military to the mainstream. Join me right now so you can learn to identify your personal mission, your vision for the future and your purpose for being here on this earth. As Steve says “You don’t have to have your life planned but it is not OK to not do anything. “