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Reach Out America

Reach Out America – Beauty for Ashes

Suppose you lost everything in a devastating fire that took your home and all your belongings while you were over a thousand miles away? What feelings would flood your being at receiving the devastating news? Perhaps you are among those who have had such a loss, and don’t know where to turn?

Charlotte Glenn is a very brave woman who lost everything in the fire that took over 1,500 homes in Bastrop, Texas while her beloved husband was in the hospital fighting for his life. People from her church, Promiseland West in Austin, Texas, rallied to help her, joined by many other caring people in her neighborhood and surrounding areas. This support made all the difference in how she was able to get through her tragedy and kept her from feeling hopeless and alone.

Although she is still grieving, Charlotte says she is so thankful for the way God used His people to reach out to her family in such a desperate time of need, and does not know how she would have gotten through it without the love and compassion the many people showed her as they came alongside of her, helping her with the many overwhelming needs she had as a result of the fire. This episode will inspire you at so many levels as you listen to this heart-wrenching story of tragedy and triumph.