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Things My Mom Taught Me

Eugene Quinn

Things My Mom Taught Me – Be Kind To Everyone

In this episode we learn the lesson mom taught us about being kind to others. Our guest is Amy Douglass who is a nurse in Maine and is getting ready to make her third trip to Haiti to help with the people who need medical attention. She gives a first hand account of the devastation in Haiti. She went with the Mission to the World ministries and talks about what she did.
In our segment “My house that built me” my guest is Albert Cuellar from LaVaca Texas and he tells us about growing up in a small town. He has a wonderful story to tell about the love in his home.
In our segment “Moms food for thought” one of the questions we ponder is “why does AT&T” play a recording that you can go to to get answers to fix your internet connection when you’re on hold for technical support to get you internet back up on line.