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AMBITION Is Not A Dirty Word

Dr. Debra Condren

AMBITION Is Not A Dirty Word – How Entrepreneurs Can Make More Money and Succeed In Any Economy

Decide to become an entrepreneur and you will inevitably hear naysayers warn:
“Are you crazy? You might earn money here and there, but you’ll never have financial
or career security, the ability to move up the ladder, retirement plans, paid vacations, or
peace of mind.” Today’s guest argues that, in fact, just the opposite is true: If you do it
right, not only will you make a LOT more money being your own boss, you will actually
have MORE security than you would working for someone else. The man known globally
as “The Rock Star of Consulting,” argues that working in the corporate world is the exact
place where you lose control of your fate and your future. Alan Weiss, Ph.D., founder and
president of Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has written 32 books translated into 9 languages,
including the classic bestseller Million Dollar Consulting. If you’ve got entrepreneurship in
your blood, listen in as I talk with Alan Weiss about how to raise capital, attract clients,
create a marketing plan, and grow your business into a $1 million-per-year firm. Find out
how you can not only survive – but thrive – working solo in any economy under any conditions.