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Please join us for an encore appearance by Eric Durak of Cancerfitcare. Today we review once again from our previous show about cancer prevention – but we also discuss the new program being unveiled in 2012 – Cancerfitcare – fitness & nutrition for cancer recovery.
There are numerous studies backed by every major organization – Center for Disease Control, National Institute of Health, American Cancer Society – up to 50% of cancer could be prevented with proper nutrition & exercise – the problem is – less than 50% of Americans are meeting the minimum suggested amount of physical activity. We are writing our own prescription for cancer with

physical Inactivity…..Obesity…….smoking……A toxic diet……our sugar addictions causing over production of insulin……….alcohol…….unmanaged hormones

Eric provides us with an understanding of how a tumor grows – which will clearly explain why many live a carcinogenic lifestyle.
For cancer prevention, we discuss vitamin D, Omega 3s, antioxidants, exercise.
Unfortunately, there are still unknown forces in the development of cancer – but fact is the stronger & healthier we go into such a medically demanding crisis – the better physiologically equipped we are to go to combat. Eric introduces the new Cancerfitcare program to us – a program which is being heralded as the “goto” cancer recovery program by medical fitness professionals. It is imperative when choosing a fitness expert to support cancer recovery to choose a provider that is specifically trained to meet the demands – there is no quick fix here, training is very different – exercise with cancer care becomes about self care. Eric will also share with us progress in getting incentives in health plans – incorporating cancerfitcare into health plans – improving health of members and reduce the amount of health care costs.

Stay tuned for Game Plan at the end of the show – I refer to many previous shows where many of todays topics were discussed in great depth with the researchers.

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