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GPS Your Career: A Woman’s Guide to Success

GPS Your Career: A Woman’s Guide to Success – You Can Have it All: Living the Life of Your Dreams

Women certainly face many obstacles in business but perhaps the biggest challenge we have is to keep our lives in balance and maintain our own well-being. We are great multi-taskers! We think nothing of running a business, a family, doing volunteer work and putting our energy into keeping everyone happy and healthy. But what happens to our well-being in the process? Often we put ourselves last and burn ourselves out.
My guest today, Marilyn Tam, has done it all with great success. She came all alone to the United States from China as a young girl, put herself through college and rose to become a high level executive; President of Reebok Apparel, VP at Nike, and CEO of Aveda. Tune in to hear Marilyn’s inspiring story as well as her valuable tips on how to keep your life in balance and live your life with passion and purpose.