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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Food and Mood: 9 Steps to Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood and End Cravings

Our guest, Trudy Scott, is a Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist, speaker and author of The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood&End Cravings.Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder. Eating certain foods and avoiding others can help reduce anxiety and diminish the severity of symptoms of many illnesses. Trudy shares nine helpful steps for dealing with anxiety, including the importance of reducing gluen, avoiding sugar, and adding probiotics and amino acids and other supplements to our diets. She’ll also let listeners know how to get a free consultation with her. Trudy publishes an electronic newsletter entitled Food, Mood and Gal Stuff, available at and