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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – End of Life Experiences: or NDE’s

There is a huge body of literature and scientific evidence for near-death experiences (NDE’s). My guest is Dr. Peter Fenwick who is a neuropsychiatrist and Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, who is a leading clinical authority on near-death experiences. He also lectures and has published 2 books on the subject of NDE’s. As a neuroscientist he has been in a position to be close to patients reporting an end of life experience, from which they have been subsequently resuscitated. The experiences are difficult to understand or explain, and pose difficult scientific questions, about which there has been much scientific research and debate. Dr. Fenwick explains the science and problems, in non scientific terms, giving information on this strange but not on common human experience. Although Dr. Fenwick’s interest is mainly about medical end of life experience, the subject does embrace a much wider range of experience which does not involve a cardiac arrest and subsequent resuscitation.