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Robin Siegerman

Renovation Bootcamp – Magic Carpet Ride

Have you ever gone looking for an area rug and not been sure whether it was going to be the right size or whether the colors were going to suit your room or whether you really needed to spend THAT much money?  Join host Robin Siegerman when she talks to Alan Pourvakil a true rug expert, from W Studio in Toronto.  After listening to this episode, we guarantee all of your rug-related questions will be answered!

Throughout his 23 years in the carpet business, Alan Pourvakil has traveled the world looking for the best quality carpets, the most beautiful patterns, and has literally seen millions of examples of one of the world’s oldest crafts–the art of rug making.  Alan shares which fibres are going to stand up best to the wear and tear of your family life, what you should never do with your rugs, and how to figure out what size rug you really need.  By the end, you’ll be a rug expert too, knowing all the insider secrets: Right down to what breed of sheep has the best wool for a rug and how every last detail–even the animal’s diet–can determine the quality of the finished product, and why a synthetic carpet might be cheaper to buy but is a ba-a-a-ad idea in the long run.

And in the Tip from the Trenches segment, you’ll find out where you can get every piece of information you need about your plumbing fixture and faucet selection right from your mobile device so you never pick the wrong one again. Donna Church from Kohler will tell you how it all works.

From the kitchen and bathroom, to the living room and every other room in the house, tune in for interesting, practical information you can use to fix up your home.

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