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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – The healing power of intention and numbers

Journeying into realms of quantum possibility takes us further into the energy field, and modalities that involve direct, conscious interaction. Such is the case in this week’s show, when Adam welcomes Lloyd Mear, an engineer and dowser who has developed a variation on this ancient form of divination and turned it into a method of healing, using sequences of numbers to restore vibrational integrity within his client.

While this may sound unlikely, the implications are too huge to dismiss out-of-hand. They reveal more about the nature of each human being that, if true, provokes the greater question of, “why didn’t we already know this about ourselves?”

Intrigued by responses that he observed in metallurgy and among animals, and prompted by the suggestion of a physicist friend, Mear decided to see if he could have similar success if these methods were applied to people.

Using a long, L-shaped dowsing rod to ask – from a Higher Source – for the frequency, expressed as a sequence of 11 or 16-digit numbers, that would counteract various ailments that had cropped up among friends and acquaintances.

With each success the word spread. And as each number was recorded, he observed it working when others contacted him with the same condition. He and his wife Phyllis began compiling a Book of Numbers, an actual reference of number sequences that they have compiled.

There is great truth to the adage that “knowledge is power.” The question is what knowledge do we seek? And who shall seek it? Have we become so complacent, compliant, and ready to defer common sense to experts who refuse to look at or consider concepts that haven’t been endorsed by their professional authority? Or are we ready to know for ourselves just what the truth shall be? Better still, are we ready to discover, and know who we are?

While these questions may not be answered by listening to this week’s show, even asking them takes us in a great direction.

Tune in if you dare!

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