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Things My Mom Taught Me

Eugene Quinn

Things My Mom Taught Me – When things seem the worst, they are getting better

So many times something happens to us and we think its the end of the world. It always seems to get worse before it gets better. I got poison ivy every summer when I was a young and one particular summer the doctor had to come to our house to give me shots for the poison ivy. It was from that I learned the lesson from my mom.
Our guest, Pat Shannon, also learned this lesson and has been a success in business because he always knew even though things were bad they would get better. He does business all around the globe and has a wealth of information to share with us today. Anyone wanting to talk to him about business his number is 919-326-9711
On our segment “Moms food for thought“, we discuss whats better, real Christmas tree, fake tree or fake tree with lights.
My house that built me” segment we have Andy Sweeny as our guest and he explains how much neighbor friends influenced his up bringing. Great show and look forward to sharing it with everyone.