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Word Patriots – Rhonda Winchell Sharp’s “The Nine Most Famous Reindeer of All”

For many word patriots, their role in the literary world is clearly defined, often by a particular strength, such as a writer’s creativity, an editor’s attention to detail or a publisher’s business acumen. Not so for my guest this week, Ronda Winchell Sharp, whose roles have included writer, publisher, editor, graphic designer, consultant, critic and agent. A child of the baby boom raised in California, she grew up in a house that encouraged a love of reading which fueled her passion for the written word. Her mother’s unfulfilled goal of writing the great American novel is a memory that motivates Rhonda and is the reason her work is always “in memory” of the woman who influenced her so. In the mid-1990s, a good friend who recognized her appreciation for a wide variety of literature coaxed her into becoming a literary agent and the rest, as they say, is history. She went on to found the artisanal publishing house Tea Road Press, where she published the much acclaimed book “Locked In To Life,” before post 9/11 financial challenges set in. More recently she launched Hologram Rose Press, a publishing house for writers who write with eloquence and passion and expansiveness. The company’s first two books are children’s stories written by Winchell Sharp herself: “Rudolph the Recycling Reindeer: A Gardening Tale to Live All Year Long” and “The Nine Most Famous Reindeer of All,” a cadenced profile of each of Santa’s team that pays homage to the glory of teamwork and beauty of the individual. In the future Rhonda hopes to publish fiction that is at once beautiful and popular, a non-fiction line that brings readers increased knowledge and understanding and an expansive poetry list. And of course, a number of personal writing projects that are in various stages of completion much like all other “real writers” or, as we like to call them, Word Patriots. I am personally excited to have Ronda on the show as she was the agent for my book “Final Drafts”. As an especial treat for both younger and older listeners, Rhonda will read in its entirety “The Nine Most Famous Reindeer of All” at the conclusion of this podcast. If you would like to know more about my books, please visit my website: Also be sure to visit the website for Hologram Rose Press: