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Eat, Exercise, Live – New Year’s Resolutions – To Ritual

Every show on Eat Exercise Live is devoted to adopting a healthy lifestyle – one that works for you.
My guest today is Fadi Malouf who for the last 15 years he has personally transformed over 2000 lives through health and fitness. He helps families, friends, and clients shed 100’s of pounds every year, increases productivity naturally and brings joy to their personal lives through the means of love, knowledge and integrity. Fadi is the founder of My Fitness Solution, dedicated to help individuals achieve the healthy balanced body and lifestyle of their dreams. This show was designed to help both people looking for fitness solutions and those in the fitness industry – helping fitness professionals attract & address the needs of those who want our services.
The #1 New year’s resolution every year is to lose weight. Time for a paradigm shift. Remember we need to design SMART goals – there is nothing flippant about goal setting.

Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely
Let’s focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle – and I promise the healthy, fit body will follow. Fadi shares with us his 5 fitness secrets, turning your body into a fat burning machine (yes it is possible!), how we build muscle mass, & most important of all – keep it simple & ensuring longevity in your new lifestyle!

As the Holiday Season is upon us – Dr. Ariel Ortiz & the Obesity Control Center & I would like to share our wishes for you & your loved ones over the holiday season – and into 2012 and beyond:
The Holidays are about sharing time with loved ones. There is absolutely no better way to show love for another than by contributing to their health. May your create new, healthy family traditions. How ’bout a paradigm shift. Instead of saying “its the holidays its time to indulge” – how bout learning new ways & welcoming new traditions that respect health. Instead of watching football- go out and play a few games of football with friends & family. 75% of our chronic illnesses are attributable to poor lifestyle choices. Help everyone at this year’s family holiday gathering be at many more – healthy & not ridden with diseases such as heart disease or cancer.

Once again we hear from Eric Durak of Cancerfitcare – reminding all of us – if you are in need of a cancerfitcare provider – please contact or – if you are a fitness professional wanting to be trained as a cancerfitcare provider – contact us at or 1-805-451-8072.

Where would we be here on Eat Exercise Live without the integral contribution to our shows from Dr. Ariel Ortiz of theObesity Control Center. Although one of the very best weight loss surgeons world wide, always on the leading edge of research into obesity & surgical options, Dr. Ortiz is a passionate advocate for a heathy lifestyle. Check out his blog – read how Dr. Ortiz is much more than a weight loss surgeon – but an all round medical health & lifestyle coach. Obesity is a health hazard. Remaining obese is a very serious health risk. Getting treatment from the very best can save your life & provide a quality of life never thought possible & it is much more affordable than you think. Call & hear for yourself. The Obesity Control Center has earned the prestigious recognition as an “International center for Excellence for Bariatric Surgeons.” And it is so easy to see why Dr. Ortiz was voted by Newsweek magazine as one of the very best bariatric surgeons in the United States. Click the link to see why Dr. Ortiz receives these well deserved accolades – and make sure you listen to his health tips on Eat Exercise Live. Check out the very extensive & informative video library – learn about the many weight loss procedures and meet patients OCC has changed their lives. Check out the OCC on Facebook. Or, go on YouTube and look up the fantastic video library for the Obesity Control Center. Dr. Ortiz and the entire staff at the Obesity Control Center are fully dedicated to your health & proactive lifestyle. Please call 1-866-DrOrtiz (376-7849). You will wonder why you didn’t make this life changing decision years ago. Protect your life, your family & loved ones need you – call Dr. Ortiz now. Make 2012 a truly happy & healthy year – the start of a healthier lifestyle.