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Fit Moms for Life

Fit Moms For Life – Learn what this radio program is all about and what we have in store for upcoming episodes.

In today’s radio show the theme for the show is “getting started.”

-You will discover one sentence that when repeated over and over again can begin to start
the momentum moving forward towards creating lasting change in your life.

-Expert Dr. Jones from Canada will be on talking about his “low hanging fruit” principle which
is an invaluable tool to use when starting off.

-Jody, a mother of 5, will talk about her journey towards losing over 60 lbs and keeping it off
for over 3 years. She will discuss how she was able to deal with losing one of her children
shortly after birth and how you can take adversity and turn it into a positive. Plus many quick
tips for busy moms to make eating and exercise part of your daily routine.

-Q and A. Dustin answers your questions including lazy husbands, how to eat during the holidays
and not get fat, and how to stop weight yo-yoing once and for all.

-The show will wrap up with a powerful quote and find out where you can get more free resources
related to being a Fit Mom For Life