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Growing Great Families

Growing Great Families – 20 Secrets To Growing A Great Family – Part 1

As we think about the coming new year we are going to share our suggestions regarding some of the greatest concerns that parents tell us they have raising their children.

We begin with, “How can I get my children to follow rules and do their chores willingly and without reminders?” The most important step is the process followed by the family in establishing rules and chores. Many parenting books simply say parents must make rules and have their children follow them. This approach fails because, to kids, parents making rules without their input often experience those rules as arbitrary and unfair.

“How can I find the time for myself as an individual as well as meeting the needs of my children?” In our typically over scheduled household, the ones who lose out the most are often the parents. Parents should take stock on what they need and work within the family system to figure out how their needs can be met. At times parents need to give themselves permission to back off from some of their child’s activities.

We are often asked, “What can I do to keep my children from using drugs or alcohol?” High-risk behaviors such as substance abuse certainly top the list. Our information-age culture certainly serves to increase the natural anxiety parents experience in their attempt to protect their children from the excesses of behavior that kids are constantly exposed to in the media and in the community. Although we associate these high risk behaviors with adolescence, it is unwise to wait for our children to become teenagers before we begin to discuss these issues within our families. Parents first need to focus on prevention. Prevention involves preparing our children for the choices they will have to make far in advance of the time they will actually have to make those choices.

We also deal with concerns about communication, bullying, positive reinforcement, time outs, conflicts with caregivers, homework and dealing with exceptional children.

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