Health and Wellness

Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of” Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick welcomes special guest Dr. Carmen Harra author of her newest book “Wholeliness” Dr. Harra may also be heard on Hay House Radio. Today’s show is Part 2 of a two part series exploring the many challenges in these turbulent times faced by the entire world community. As the world is upset by climatic changes, tornados, hurricanes, floods, and fast paced shifting and news breaking events of proportional dimensions of uncertainty in our political, financial, educational and medical structures, it becomes apparent that major changes are necessary and unstoppable. We are moving in a new direction towards creating a more cooperative world community while realizing competitiveness in its lower state of merely satisfying the ego and fostering a “Me First” attitude is no longer acceptable or even practical in the Modern Spiritual Age” that was envisioned by the Ancient Mayan Prophets and such visionaries as Nostradamos. Dr Harra as a certified psychologist, hypnotherapist, and her finely tuned psychic medium gifts connects to higher energy forces to bring an understanding of life in our three dimensional world and the possibilities that await us when we enter a higher state of consciousness and work with Spirit. A quote from Albert Einstein says ”People…who believe in physics, know the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” He might have added, as I will, that people who believe In psychics and mediums can know there is an Afterlife as energy can never be destroyed but merely transformed. Through their discussion today Carmen and Sheryl hope to offer listeners a larger way to view their own divine gifts and possibilities and a way to imagine life as an energetic and eternal essence. Furthermore it is their belief that life probably exits in other parts of the Universe. Dr. Harra will describe how we physically are evolving and changing at the cellular level and how these changes will move us past our innate need for combative and negative emotions, such as greed, possessiveness and control tendencies, which have fostered war and destruction for too long in our human history. These physical and emotional changes will be the necessary ingredients for a more compassionate expanded and enlightened humanity. Healers and visionaries will no longer be the chosen few, but All will be chosen to participate in this monumental transition of humanity and the Earth Plane. At several times in the recording of this show there seemed to be some technical or static interference. We could find no reason for this phenomenon, so we did not edit it out of the show. Energy and communication between different dimensions is continuous and educational. It is time to listen to the aid and guidance of all beings of love who surround us, and to pay attention to our own inner heart as it whispers” Everything you give out to the world returns to you in many forms.”