Hovey's Outdoor Adventures

Hovey Smith

Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Sponsors Salute: Velcro Wall, Misty Mange, SIN, Inc. & Others

Re-aired on this show are a selection of ads from last year’s sponsors, including Velcro Wall, The leader in child suspension systems; Misty Mange, The hair care product that you and your pet can share; and SIN, Inc., The leader in synthetic foods.

Each of these companies offer almost believable products to help the average person manage his life, live interestingly and have some new experiences that can range from a hunt in the nude in the wilds of West Texas to a romantic get away at Gator Island where your privacy is assured by more than 500 alligators who live in the surrounding waters.

Child care is considered by the divisions of Velcro Wall who have developed a variety of ways to suspend children so that Mom and get her housework done while hair thinning aids are provided by Misty Mange Hair Care Products. Simplified food preparation is explored by the various divisions of SIN, Inc. through their Gas Division, R&D Department and Diet Products. These explore the use of coal, petroleum and agricultural waste products to make eatable materials that have no known nutritional value but provide the salt, butter and sugar tastes that you crave in an innovative range of shapes and colors.

Concluding the program Brother Smith with explain the salvage of a road killed deer that provided the banquet for the Backyard Business Conclave at the Road Kill Cafe in Podunkville, U.S.A.