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Marketing 4.0 – How to start an online conversation

We have been talking quite a bit about how you can use the power of social media marketing in your business. This week Gary Kaskowitz ( is joined by LinkedIn maven Chuck Hester ( as they discuss the art of starting an online conversation.

All too often small business owners and professionals become intimidated by the power of the Internet and social media sites. This can cause you to either ignore these sites and marketing opportunities, or to treat them as if they were some type of special case of marketing. Neither one of these is true as you will learn in this week’s episode. The classic marketing principles that are discussed on this show apply regardless of the medium. The trick is to understand the medium you are communicating through as well as some basic ideas of human behavior and you are on your way to online success.

The key problem that many small business people face is that they don’t understand the best way to approach a particular social site. Think of it this way, would you talk to people the same way at a backyard barbeque as you would at a professional networking event? I hope not!

Listen to this week’s episode of Marketing 4.0 as Gary and Chuck discuss the best ways to use social media sites like LinkedIn to grow your networks and customers in ways that are meaningful for your contacts as well as yourself. So if you want to really learn how to start a powerful conversation with these techniques, then you owe it to yourself to listen to this episode today.