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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Remote Viewing – How is it Done?

Although remote viewing can sometimes be explained by trance and telepathy, this is generally not a reasonable explanation. So what is it that enables a person to see something in a sealed box? or see something 100 miles away? or even move objects with only the power of the mind? That’s a good question, about which my guest has some very interesting comments to make. His name his Gwyn Hocking, whose background is in chemistry, and he became Professor of Materials Chemistry, University of London, in 2001, and has also long been interested in paranormal events. His website is: which has many links of interest about remote viewing, and his e-mail is: should you wish to contact him.
Remote viewing requires firstly, some special deep trance state, followed by instruction into how to project in order to remote view. Easy to say: but apparently not completely impossible to do. However some individuals, for example Uri Geller, are able to obtain the special trance state while behaving more or less normally and performing incredible remote viewing, as he did at Stanford University. Watch 4 videos at: There is evidence that even the ancient Egyptians used remote viewing and had their own way of teaching that special deep trance state.