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Reach Out America

Reach Out America – Finding God in the Midst of Disaster

Carl and Maggie Conti were taking a mid-day nap, oblivious to any danger until a knock on the door awakened them. A fire was bearing down on their home, and the area was being evacuated. Not believing they would lose their home, the Conti family left with only a handful of items. Two weeks later, when they were allowed to return, reality hit. They had lost everything they owned and were left with nothing. While they were there, a group of women offered to pray with them and told them about the Austin Disaster Relief Network, (ADRN) a Christ – centered organization that was spearheading a relief effort for everyone who had lost their homes in the fire.
Visit Deborah’s website for pictures and videos of the fire, the Conti family, and ADRN’s network of volunteers; and find out a special way you can help.