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Things My Mom Taught Me

Eugene Quinn

Things My Mom Taught Me – The Christmas Special

My mother always taught me Christmas was about friends and family so i am having 4 fantastic guest back that were on the program during the year. Sara Hathorn, CEO and founder of Illustra Consulting, Albert Cuellar, who had one of the most popular segments on “My house that built me“, Barry Hunt, who was on the extremely popular segment, “Singing makes everything seem better part 2″ and Mark Hogan of Madison Wealth Management. Mark was my first guest and was fantastic.
I am going to talk with my guest about what Christmas means to them, their Christmas traditions, things about Christmas that’s made it special to them and what was Christmas like growing up. Barry, being from England will gives us a perspective of what Christmas is like in England.
Please pull up a seat, get some Chestnuts to roast and sit in front of the fire with us for a wonderful discussion about our guests Christmas past and present.