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Finding Your Supreme Power

Mark Brener & Cecil “Cece” Suwal

Finding Your Supreme Power – Where the 2012 GOP Race Is Headed

Americans just witnessed the final GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses. With Cain out of the race on indiscretions, and Gingrich leading the polls — Romney the closest one behind him — there’s still no telling who the final GOP nominee will be…and will the final GOP nominee really stand a chance against Obama…?

In this episode Mark and Cece speak to political insider, John Zaubler who has worked with Joe Biden, Paul Tsongas, Ross Perot and Bill Clinton to name a few… In this exclusive interview he shares his views on Gingrich’s real motives for running, why Romney is a lackluster candidate when compared to his father, and just how far calling “Palestinians an invented people” would get a candidate in a general election.