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Things My Mom Taught Me

Eugene Quinn

Things My Mom Taught Me – 30 Lessons for Living

New Years is right around the corner and we are going make resolutions for the coming year to make our life better.
My guest today is Dr. Karl Pillemer, Ph. D. who wrote a book, “30 Lessons for Life”. He has been written up in New York Times, Forbes Magazine, the Huffington Post, Daily Beast and his book was named one of the best self help books in 20111 by the Library Journal. Absolutely the only book you need to know what to do for the New Year and beyond.
He interviewed over 1,000 older people, 70 years and older , the greatest generation of our time. They give advice on marriage, work, enjoying life and much more. He writes in a manner to make you think your sitting and talking with your grandmother or grandfather which I loved. He started the Cornell Legacy Project which is an extension of the book and i am cant tell you what a thrill it was to do the interview. Everyone will take away something about themselves that they never knew. Join me for a fabulous time with our greatest generation ever.