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Brain-Body Breakthroughs

Brain-Body Breakthroughs – How it feels, literally, when cancer cells die! — One person’s perspective: An interview with Sandra Miniere

Liz Taylor developed a brain tumor. Suzanne Somers had breast cancer. And Farrah Fawcett had colon cancer. At some point in our lives one third of us will have to walk in their footsteps. And we’ll have to decide what is the treatment that we believe has the best chance to make us cancer free … and live, or die, with that decision.

Sandra Miniere did just that. She is now a 10-year breast cancer survivor who was told shortly after surgery that they “didn’t get all the cancer.” Listen to her tell about the journey that took her from coast-to-coast and hear about how she “hit the jackpot” on her trip to “the cure.”

She reveals how a psychic enabled her to realize what was important, get in touch with her body and realize that she had to heal herself if she was going to beat her cancer.

Her training as a life coach helped guide her, but nothing fully prepared her for having to say “No” to one of her doctors. Join us and gain insight into a courageous woman’s fight for her life.