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Hope, Healing and WellBeing

Mary Treacy O'Keefe

Hope, Healing and WellBeing – Three Simple Steps for Spiritual and Financial Fitness in the New Year!

Barnsley Brown, PhD, helps people create balanced, prosperous lives, doing the work they love. We discuss information from her newest ebook, “Get Out of Debt and Get On with Your Life: Every Woman’s Guide to Create Prosperity With What You Have Right Now.” She discusses how debt is often a state of mind, when we have erroneous thoughts about people and situations, and how abundance and wealth are states of consciousness. The first step for attaining spiritual and financial fitness is to release the old junk—mentally, emotionally and physically— to make space for what is for our highest good. Get rid of clutter, which is a block for your energy, and let go of stuff you don’t need! In this step, self-care is also important, including energy work (Reiki, healing touch, tapping techniques) and meditation.

In Step Two, you need to know what your highest values are (health, family, fun, creativity, etc) and write them down. Align spending of your time, energy, money, and other resources with your values. In Step Three, share your spiritual and intellectual assets and tithe your time, talents and treasures. Look for opportunities for using your spiritual and intellectual gifts to help others and be happier and live longer. For controlling spending, it’s important to write down all purchases and track spending habits and use affirmations. For more information and a free report from Dr. Brown, please visit