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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – OBAMA’S CZARS–PART ONE. A Scary Bunch of Dudes and Dudettes. Isn’t This The President, Who As A Candidate Said, “Judge me by who I associate with”?. Yep It Is. Well–You Be The Judge!

And, Happy New Year! Hopefully, this time next year we, will be celebrating a changing of the guard (oxymoron) in DC–and more importantly, a structural shift back to constitutional and fiscal basics. That would truly be a happy new year. And a big Welcome to the listeners of Southern Wyoming, Eastern Nebraska, and Northern Colorado, via KGAB, AM 650, Cheyenne! Go Cheyenne and welcome to the On The Right Side Network. Every Saturday, 3 to 4 PM!
Obama’s Czars–these folks aint your mama’s Romanovs. Scary–in fact, almost unbelievable, and certainly Orwellian. Through them all course five overriding themes, gun control/abolition of the Second Amendment, government restriction on free speech/First Amendment, healthcare rationing (the good stuff only for the productive-taxpaying-members of society), redistribution of wealth and social justice (spelled communism), government is the answer (particularly if this sinister group is the elite in charge) and individualism/self reliance is what is wrong with America.
Quite the cast of characters that Mr. Obama has assembled. Wasn’t this the candidate who said quote “Judge me by who I associate with?” He and Michelle have done a fine job of staffing the shadow government with lovers of Mao Te Sung and Hugo Chavez, members of the Communist Party, founders of revolutionary communist movements, reverse racists, and greeny control freaks. They all agree on the same twists – they want to control you, your thoughts, your speech, your life, your health, – down to whether you live or die – the bigger the government the better the government, America is bad and the cause of all the worlds ills, and entitlement is the Holy Grail. The shadow government is scary, its individual members even more frightening, and the fact that the people of this country elected a President who has staffed his White House with these souls is downright petrifying. You’ll chill, two, at the little known, but critical, morsels in Reid’s weekly segment, Tidbits of Torture. China and India headed into a slump? The economies of the Western world now have five toes dangling over the cliff, Chinese and French companies buying interests in oil plays on American soil by American companies, Obama the fourth best president ever (according to him), and more!