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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – Energy Field Modalities for a New Era

Adam extends a heart-felt welcome to 2012, representing not only a year of positive change, but the start of a new era. This week’s show features conversations with two guests. Meenal Mehta traveled to Arizona to experience, learn, and speak at Adam’s new Photonic Energy Center about what may be one of the most subtle of subtle energy products; called Supercoherence Return To Love Frequencies.

So simple to use as to only require being held in your hand for a few minutes each day, these objects have demonstrated properties that could only be described as reality changing.

His second guest is Pilisa Connor, a life coach who also operates Creative Gateways, a healing practice in Sedona. The subject is Trinfinity8™, a technology that represents a very distinct departure from conventional health treatment methods.

One element of the Trinfinity8 that makes it different is its concern for the entire being; meaning that its areas of “treatment” include the body, mind, and spirit. However, it is different in an entirely new way; both its “medicine” and delivery method are almost beyond belief. The Trinfinity8 relies solely on information – instruction streams, in the form of algorithms – which it delivers directly to the DNA via cellular resonance made possible by a crystal interface.

All of this is easy to dismiss; that is, until you see the science that supports both methods and the testimonials. On the other hand, new modalities will always be dismissed initially by those familiar with other ways. That is, until the results become too stunning to dismiss.

This is one presentation you’re going to want to hear.

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