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Organizing-411 – Student Organization & Strolling the Stores

Do your kids come home with crumbled up papers in their book bag and a science project that’s due the next day? Are you a college student who can’t seem to effectively plan, and therefore handle, your workload? Often times these educational issues can be attributed to disorganization. That’s actually great news because, in many cases, if we can get our students or ourselves organized to learn, the learning will surely follow. Join us as we speak with Leslie Josel, owner of Order Out of Chaos, an expert in student organization, and creator of an Academic Planner, a tool to teach time management to students. Learn how to set up your students for success rather than failure. Join me for my Tales from the Inside where I take you into my local grocery store to take a peek at some problems and solutions. We all go there. Let me help you go there in record time! We will also check in with our emailer from last week, Andrew from SC.