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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Trance and Mental Illness

The human race is very susceptible to mental problems, of one sort or another, which at one time appeared to be untreatable. Today we have many ways of helping these problems and my guest Joe Griffin is a therapist who has lectured on the best way mental health issues can be resolved. He has published books and set up a college which is being attended by thousands of therapists all based on our knowledge of the ways that the brain can sometimes respond to bad experiences which become embedded in our unconscious. The understanding and use of trance is basically the way that mental problems are addressed. Joe Griffin discusses treatments for depression, phobias or addiction, showing the way that modern therapies and counselling can offer relief or a complete cure. Their website shows the list of courses, together with their common sense Human Givens approach to mental health, research, and the far reaching benefits