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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – OBAMA’S CZARS–PART TWO. And You Thought The First Bunch Was Mind-Boggling? It Gets Better (Or Worse). A Scary Bunch of Dudes and Dudettes. “Judge me by who I associate with”, Barrack Obama, 2008

A big Week Two Welcome to the listeners of southern Wyoming, Eastern Nebraska, and Northern Colorado via KGAB, AM 650, Cheyenne! On The Right Side Network on KGAB!. Every Saturday, 3 to 4 PM.
Obama’s Czars–the five overriding themes, gun control/abolition of the Second Amendment, government restriction on free speech/First Amendment, healthcare rationing (the good stuff only for the productive-taxpaying-members of society), redistribution of wealth and social justice (spelled communism), continues. But there are bizarre twists with the Czars in Part Two, including regulating who will be allowed to have babies, increasing taxes on Americans to send more money to the UN, reproductive sterilants in drinking water, and more.
Lovers of Mao Te Sung and Hugo Chavez, members of the Communist Party, founders of revolutionary communist movements, reverse racists, and greeny control freaks. The shadow government is scary, its individual members even more frightening, and the fact that the people of this country elected a President who has staffed his White House with these souls is downright petrifying. And, leading off Reid’s weekly segment, Tidbits of Torture, did you know your tax dollars–at the time of a 15 TRILLION National Debt, are headed to welfare recipients in the form of not only a free cell phone, but 250 free minutes of monthly usage, month in, month out? And a preview of next weeks show–United Nations Agenda 21. Never heard of it? It is already infecting U.S. government on every level, your life, your rights, and your property.