Spirituality and Philosophy

Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey For Truth – A life threatening illness leads to a near death experience, a brain injury, and artwork

Dan Rhema talks with Tami about the illness that almost took his life. Dan contracted three strains of the Dengue fever while working in Mexico. Back in the United States, while doctors performed a spinal tap, the pain sent him out of his body and into a tunnel. He saw his physical body laying there and knew he had the option of physically dying. His near death experience was life changing. When he regained consciousness, he had lost his long-term memory due to the brain injury that was the result of his illness. Listen to Dan talk about that experience and how it led him to create art and a book, that tell about his journey. His book is titled I Close My Eyes To See. You can also see some of Dan’s artwork on Facebook!