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Liberated Living – “Date Therapy” w/Guest Dr. Tranquility (Part 1)

Struggling with your relationship? Trying to identify your ideal helpmate? Listen and download this show as Eliakim hosts special guest Dr. Tranquility. Dr. Tranquility-Lydia Belton, Ph.D,Ct.H.A.D—leading psychotherapist and hypnotic-anesthesiologist seen as an expert on The View, Good Day New York and featured in the pages of Redbook and Cosmopolitan British Glamour-says that the holiday singles blues requires “Date Therapy”… a shortcut to ending singlehood.
The reason that many people make repeated mistakes in choosing their relationship partners is that they think they want certain characteristics, values and behaviors on a conscious level, but what they really want is hidden in the deep layers of their subconscious mind. Thus, they are picking partners who are destined to ultimately make them unhappy and are not a good match for who they are.

Date Therapy is designed to get past that. It uses hypnotherapy to actually reach deep into one’s subconscious to draw out beliefs, goals, dreams and preferences so that you can find someone who matches your true values. With that in mind, the new criteria can be applied to one-on-one connections and evaluations, internet dating sites, and visualization processes for manifesting an ideal partner.

Dr.Tranquility/Lydia Belton, whose websites and online magazines are viewed by two million regularly, also hosts an FM radio show Dr. Tranquility Talks with leading figures in health, wellness and spiritual evolution, as well as her B WELL TV show that airs on major cable networks around the world. She is a highly entertaining interview who has now put her Date Therapy wisdom into a revolutionary new platform of interactive distance learning and healing. Her Date Therapy audio program has been used by thousands to realign their dating values and she continues to do select private sessions.