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Ripley Radio – Bizarre Economic Indexes & Walking Over Niagara Falls

Nik Wallenda, the 7th generation high-wire walker in the world-famous Wallenda Family, is attempting to get official permission from the Canadian Government to walk across Niagara Falls in June 2012. Meanwhile, the New York State government has already given him the go ahead for that side of the Falls. Nik talks with Ripley Radio this week about what motivates him to risk his life in his world-record high-wire walks.
The mother of Amber Karlins felt that her daughter was living a ”small life” and needed to face her many fears – head on. The 25 – year old talks with Ripley Radio this week about her new book, “My Year of Living Fearlessly,” in which she chronicles how she faced 52 of those fears in 52 weeks.

Additional Outrageous, Weird, Unbelievable and Bizarre Things Discussed this Week
• It seems there are many unusual, and surprisingly accurate, economic indicators that shed light on how the US economy is going. Angela discusses the Lipstick Index, as well as other off-beat indicators.
• Paranormal and UFO writer for the Huffington Post Lee Spiegel, drops by and unveils his Top 11 UFO stories of 2011.
• We learn from Jodi Pliszka, Ripley’s very own Solutionologist, what the medical malady, trichotillomania is all about.
• Abby takes a look at food trends that experts are predicting for 2012, including a rush on potato dishes. She tells us there are high-end French Fry Bars in our future.
• We hear of a 16 year old girl who spent Christmas vacation skiing to the bottom of the world with her father – and how he threw away her school books that she brought along so she could study during her break.
• Ripley archivist Edward Meyer presents the first six of his Top 12 favorite acquisitions he made during 2011 for the Ripley Archives. On his list this week is a full-size Ferrari car knitted from 12 miles of yarn and the world’s only known Shrunken Face. The top six will be presented next week.