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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – The Hidden Side of Light

Science has long told us that that light speed (186,200 miles per second), is as fast as anything can go. But the evidence is mounting that we have been given only part of the story, and that an entire universe of superluminal light exists beyond the visible spectrum.

Adam’s guest is Dr. John V. Milewski, an internationally-recognized leader and consultant in the field of Advanced Materials. He is a professional engineer, scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, writer, publisher, editor and lecturer. A retired staff member of Los Alamos National Labs and previously, a scientific staff member at Exxon Research Center and at Thiokol Chemical Rocket Engine Division, Dr. Milewski earned a patent
on a revolutionary new electric light bulb based on using a single crystal fiber as a filament.

This clean, efficient, natural spectrum, crystal filament light technology now holds a place on permanent display in the Smithsonian Institute, recognized as one of the most innovative advancements in light technology in the last half of the 20th Century, but it was never made.

Join Adam as he probes the mind of this remarkable materials scientist, delving into a world that travels billions of times faster than the light we know, and is also home to the human spirit.

Recorded at the 2011 Extraordinary Technology Conference, Albuquerque, NM.

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