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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – AGENDA 21. Ever hear of it? And, If You Have, Do You Know What It REALLY Means?

The end of your and your family’s private property, personal wealth, opportunity, and freedom–and the end of the Constitution, and America. And That is exactly what the global government plan proponents–including Barrack Obama and the czars HE appointed– want.

Not a science fiction tale (unfortunately)…its on-line, all twenty-eight chapters, and four major elements–on none other than Wikepdia, and the United Nations web site (UN.org) They rely on your normalcy bias, and their manipulation of buzz words like social justice, poverty, wealth inequality, sustainable development, and smart cities. Gee–we can be behind all that, right? Remember the words of Paul Harvey–and now, the rest of the story. Your children, your land, your guns, and your liberties are the target. It began with 172 nations whipped to frenzy by our friends, the United Nations (not) in 1992, was furthered in a massive meeting in Rio in 1997, and the plan of implementation was cemented–focused on your local government–at the Johannesburg 2002 conference. Their goal is full implementation by 2025. You can’t resist what you are not aware of. We don’t have much time–and YOU are the key.