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Doc Holliday's Tea Party

Dr. Ed Holliday

Doc Holliday’s Tea Party – “R-E-W-T, REWT FOR NEWT!”

Wow! What a spectacular South Carolina finish for Newt and listen to this week’s show as Doc tells you about being there for the final debate before the voting started. Doc also talks about the weekend with Tea Party Patriot leaders from around the country. He discusses Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney and how he now sees this race shaping up and how finally the Tea Party has come into play. On last week’s show Doc Holliday showed his concern and even desperation that Mitt may complete his nomination without heavy tea party influence. Wow, did the tea party ever come alive and listen to the show to hear about what Doc saw in person and who said, “Rewt for Newt!” This week’s TOMBSTONE award goes again for an action by our current president, click on to discover what. Then listen to this week’s Rock of Liberty Speech about Newt’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde image. Welcome all new listeners to the heartbeat of the tea party and don’t forget to link the show to your friends. Listen now!