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Barry Lycka MD

Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Cosmetic Surgery Ethics, Effects & Education – Dr Barry Lycka & Sarah Burge

Join Dr Barry Lycka and hear the real inside story from Sarah Burge – a lady vilified in the press for apparently encouraging her young daughter to have cosmetic surgery and do pole-dancing! Sarah is an often controversial advocate of cosmetic surgery, and I discuss with her the issues of cosmetic surgery ethics in light of the recent problems with PIP breast implants. We talk about the beneficial effects of reconstructive cosmetic surgery, particularly for victims of domestic violence, accidents, or genetic disfigurement. And finally, since Sarah is also a keen advocate of education regarding all aspects of cosmetic surgery, we chat about the role patients must take to ensure they receive the best care and results from their cosmetic surgery procedures. An interesting and lively half-hour, I hope you add your own thoughts to this latest cosmetic surgery debate.