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Marketing 4.0 – A Relationship is a Relationship is a Relationship

This week’s brand new episode features Gary Kaskowitz ( talking with Amrit Kirpalani, President of ( Amrit has built a very successful online retail store by following the principles of truly effective relationship marketing.

Listen to this new episode of Marketing 4.0 as you begin your new year if you truly want to excel. During this episode you will hear how to avoid the common potholes of relationship building while growing your business. Amrit has “been there and done that” with his business and shares a lot of valuable information with us. You will hear how to find the people who are the most influential in your field and can best help you. Learn how to grow your circle of friends and referrals by issuing invitations to your community and engaging them in other ways as well.

In this episode you will learn how to get people who can best help spread your message want to do so by giving them something of value in return (and no, it doesn’t have to be financial!). In fact, this episode of Marketing 4.0 should be considered a primer on good old-fashioned relationship building that really separates the truly successful from the also-rans.

So if you want to make 2012 a banner year for your business then you really need to focus on the why and the how of relationship building this year. The principles you will learn in this episode can be applied online or offline; after all relationships are relationships are relationships. Listen now to Gary Kaskowitz and Amrit Kirpalani as they show you how you can take your business to the next level in 2012!